Post Graduate Student FAQS

What is a postgraduate year?

A postgraduate year is a gap year — a break between completing high school and beginning college — that allows a student access to the exceptional resources, academic enhancement, and athletic preparation. A postgraduate year allows for an additional year of skill-building and maturation, which makes students more competitive in the college admission process.

What should a succesful postgraduate bring to the table?

The student should bring an openness to learn, a respect for education, a commitment to excellence, a goal of achieving, and a desire to contribute to the community. The results can last a lifetime.

How does the postgraduate year help a student in the college search process?

Colleges welcome students who are ready. They make decisions based on a student's ability to contribute to a community and to flourish in an academic and social program.

Is the postgraduate year just another year of high school?

No; it is much more. All postgraduates have met the requirements of high school and earned a diploma. This milestone gives them great flexibility in designing their postgraduate experience at VBSA.

Postgraduates often have developed an area of expertise that allows them to be immediate leaders among their peers. Sharing their academic, co-curricular, or social/emotional talents gives them an immediate way to connect with the community. Postgraduates contribute to the texture of the campus while they gain from the complexity of our energetic and intellectually engaged community.

Is the VBSA postgraduate year right for me?

A student who is intrigued with the personal and academic advantages that come from a postgraduate year should assess programs of interest: What academic, athletic, and creative resources will further your passions? Does a particular school have the programs, support structures, and relationships outside the school that can give you an edge in reaching your goals? Can the school help you meet any gaps in your profile as you make the most of your talents?


The VBSA postgraduate program offers these advantages:

  • Building activity skills such as arts, athletics, and leadership to take on competitive roles in college

  • Building a good academic profile into a stronger one

  • Building maturity to handle the independence of college life

  • Building readiness to engage one's talents and skills into the opportunities of college

Do postgraduates need to apply for additional financial aid?


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