With teams at the post-graduate and varsity levels – and a unique developmental approach to each – the Virginia Beach Sports Academy girls basketball program provides the nation’s most effective training environment. Upperclassmen and post-graduates experience intensive, position-specific instruction that replicates how collegiate programs operate. Underclassmen student-athletes experience a training methodology focused more on development and foundation-setting for continued growth.


Local, regional and national competition encompasses the school year, as teams compete in both a fall and spring club-like setting. Initial fundamental and development basketball training leads into high-intensity play, while test-prep, strength of curriculum and academics correlate with college-recruitment goals and initiatives. College placement is a vital element for girls basketball, and the program develops insight to work with each individual to maximize potential both from an elite skills standpoint as well as the grade-point and test scores perspective.


The girls basketball academy places just as much emphasis on overall development as we do all other elements of the game. Courses dialed in on empowering female athletes allow for confidence, leadership and mental toughness to be addressed on a finite level. Strength training and conditioning along with nutrition and vision training accompany overall training to address any and all areas that will propel student-athletes to attain their aspirations. By mapping out a plan for each athlete to gain the most out of their courses and put them into play, our performance experts work with coaches to lay out detailed and effective offerings.


  • Orientation

  • Training camp (3 week evaluation period for all players)

  • Strength training emphasizing hypertrophy based principles

  • Performance & WNBA style Combine testing

  • NCAA eligibility center registration

  • Start of fall basketball season

  • SAT/ACT sign-ups

  • Senior/Post Grad recruitment meetings

  • Open practices for college coaches


  • Team practices with tactical & skill development with 2-3 individual workouts per week

  • Individual development plans distributed to players and parents

  • Test and exam prep continues with teachers and advisors

  • College placement meetings*

  • College application process continues/Common App finalized*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • In-season games begin

    • Tournaments have include Independent School National Invitational Championships, and She's Got Game (D.C.), which showcase nationally-acclaimed talent

  • Continued skill development

  • Individual development plans

  • Underclassmen recruitment planning

  • Continued college placement meetings*

  • Narrowing college choices/list*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • Spring AAU season begins; Teams will travel to national events

  • Emphasis on strength development after game season

  • Individualized skill development training

  • Focus on skills training

  • Final exam test prep with teachers and advisors before end of semester

  • Finalize college selections and enrollment paperwork*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • Final player evaluations

  • Summer training plan distributed

  • End of year recognition banquet

  • Underclassmen official visits

  • Strength training emphasizing hypertrophy based principles

Learning Center: 5741 Cleveland St, 120 

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Athletics Complex: Landstown Centre Way

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

‪(757) 278-5558


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