Boys Basketball Program

Post Graduate

VBSA's dedicated post-graduate teams competes against national competition at various tournaments and showcase events, allowing them to gain exposure. Post-graduates will develop through position-specific training while benefitting from an extra season to increase physicality as well as mental toughness and maturity. Post-graduate players do not jeopardize their NCAA eligibility while preparing for their next steps at the collegiate level both on and off the court.

Post Graduate

VBSA's National Team competes against some of the nation’s top programs while earning a large level of exposure during showcases and tournaments. Student-athletes within this team aspire to compete for scholarships at D1 or D2  programs. Training consists of intensive workouts and team development that mirrors that of an elite collegiate program.

Post Graduate

VBSA's Junior National Team provides student athletes with an opportunity to compete at a high level against top Varsity and Junior Varsity teams locally and regionally. This team prepares student-athletes for the Varsity and National team through a full competition schedule, internal scrimmages, position-specific instruction, developmental opportunities, and more. 


With teams at the post-graduate, varsity national, and junior varsity national levels – and a unique developmental approach to each – the Virginia Beach Sports Academy basketball program provides the nation’s most effective training environment. Upperclassmen and post-graduates experience intensive, position-specific instruction that replicates how collegiate basketball programs operate. Underclassmen and middle school student-athletes experience a training methodology focused more on development and foundation-setting for continued growth.


With as much attention to academics as the efforts on the court, student-athletes follow individual development plans geared directly towards their personal goals and progression. 

Internal competition gears individuals up for external games, as players continue to grow within their teams and evolve as they progress. Basketball academy student-athletes see local, regional and national competition as their training is enriched with both the developmental side and training components leading up to basketball season. 


  • Orientation

  • Training camp (3 week evaluation period for all players)

  • Strength training emphasizing hypertrophy based principles

  • Performance & NBA style Combine testing

  • NCAA eligibility center registration

  • SAT/ACT sign-ups

  • Senior/Post Grad recruitment meetings

  • Open practices for college coaches


  • Team practices with tactical & skill development with 2-3 individual workouts per week

  • Individual development plans distributed to players and parents

  • College placement meetings*

  • College application process continues/Common App finalized*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • In-season games begin

  • Continued skill development

  • Underclassmen recruitment planning

  • Continued college placement meetings*

  • Narrowing college choices/list*

  • Individual development plans

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • Spring AAU season begins; Teams will travel to national events

  • Emphasis on strength development after game season

  • Individualized skill development training

  • Focus on skills training

  • Finalize college selections and enrollment paperwork*

* Applies to Seniors and Post Grads only


  • Final player evaluations

  • Summer training plan distributed

  • End of year recognition banquet

  • Underclassmen official visits

  • Strength training emphasizing hypertrophy based principles


  • 6 basketball courts with with video analysis capabilities during practices and games

Walter Mfuko
National HS Team Head Coach
John Coffino
PG Navy Head Coach
Brian Wilson
PG Gold Head Coach
John Filmore
HS JR National Head Coach
Jose Allen
Assistant HS National Basketball Coach
Austin Hubert
Assistant HS National Basketball Coach
Iving Pierlus
Assistant Basketball Coach
Daniel Chatterton
Assistant Basketball Coach
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