The VBSA Way

​In the Fall of 2019, the Virginia Beach Sports Academy opened its doors as the nation’s next generation of, international private college preparatory and boarding school in Virginia Beach, Commonwealth of Virginia. While many schools seek to develop student-athletes, our commitment to training superior competitors is only part of our mission.  Our core mission is three-fold:

1) We are committed to empowering our students to become leaders, with traits, virtues, and influence that extend far beyond their playing years

2) We steadfastly focus on enhancing our students’ passion for civic service and community awareness, as we expect them to serve as ambassadors for their families, our school, and themselves

3) We will dedicate ourselves to offering the foremost athletic and sport-specific training, culminating with proven across-the-board college placement and athletic scholarships.

Learning Center: 5741 Cleveland St, 120 

Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Athletics Complex: Landstown Centre Way

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

‪(757) 278-5558


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